Legal Provision & Act Related to Health, Safety & Environment

Here various leagislative acts have been defined as related to health, safety & environment.These legislative acts are just formal enactment In written form.It has been produced by legal documents, legislature.

The Factories Act, The Building and other Construction Act. 1996,Social Security Legislation Act, The Workman Compensation Act 1924,Public Liability & Insurance Act. 1991,Indian Boiler Act- 1923,The Indian Electricity Act 1910,The Indian Explosives Act 1884,Petrolium Act 1934,Gas Cylinders Rules 2004,Calcium Carbide Rules 1987,Insecticide Act, Radiation Protection Rules, Hazardous Material, Environment Protection Legislation, Environment Protection Act. 1986,Hazardous Waste, ILO, Water & Air Act.

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