Plastic Waste

              Bi-product of petroleum is called plastic. As we all know, that we are generating thousands of tons of  plastics products in the form of packing materials(courier bags, office stationary), disposable items such as toys,cigarette etc. Plastic hazard is  a major concern for environmentalists. In developed countries like USA,UK etc., public are aware of loss and hazards generally that poses towards the eco-system and health.

A major percentage of municipal solid waste generated is plastics. It weighs 7 % of garbage and 18 % to 30 % by its volume.All plastics are fundamental as per their nature. These plastics always maintain their structural identity.These are not bio-degradable and environment friendly. Plastics break down into tiny particles as time passes and leave small chunk of polished plastic dust as a residue .Actually molecular structure of plastic is so huge  for micro-organism to consume. Chemicals are also insufficient to degrade them totally. Plastic generally releases hydrochloric acid(HCL),it degrades incinerator quickly and releases chlorine, which is ultimately available to form dioxins. It releases toxic metals which were mixed to give plastic a color or some other charecteristics.

Other potential hazard caused due to plastic are as below,

  • In plastic industry workers face a very high risk of getting various health issues causing cancer.
  • Fires taking place in homes, industries and commercial building kill thousands of public every year.
  • Millions of animals, birds and sea mammals die every year after consuming plastic or getting entrapped in plastic waste.
  • Drainage and sewage system get choked due to entrapped plastic waste. Due to this use of plastic products less than 10 micron are banned.
  • The tourist industry is getting damaged due to plastic litter.

          It is our responsibility to educate people and young generation about the cons of plastics causing damage to environment. We have to look for alternative of plastic in our daily usage. We must have to reduce the use of plastic.

Important of Safety at Home

What are the safety rules at home?
  • Plug top should be available in electrical equipment. Don’t place open wire on socket.
  • Hose connection of gas stoves should be in proper condition to avoid any fire hazard due to gas leak.
  • Don’t use the chair as a platform to take off luggage at height.
  • Beware of slippery floor in houses, if water spills, clean it immediately.
  • Lift heavy luggage, material carefully, seek help from someone if needed.
  • Wiring in homes should only be in good condition. Otherwise, there is a possibility of fire hazard due to short circuit.
  • Electrical connection should be done through ELCB at home.
  • Use electrical press carefully for pressing clothes. Don’t leave  live electrical press on bed.
  • Place heavy luggage, material on the lower part of the rack and cupboard.
  • Keep electrical wiring and electrical boards away from children.
  • Keep chemical and flammable materials away from children if available at home.
  • Always maintain good housekeeping and clean dustbin on daily basis.
  • Always maintain caution while  cleaning  sharp edge waste materials at home.
  • Keep your backyard and lawn always clean.
  • Ensure children not closing the door from inside while staying in room.
  • If fry pan catches fire while cooking, then cover that pan with big plate. Don’t pour water.
  • Keep minimum first aid kit at home.
  • Emergency contact number should be available at home.It can be used in emergency situation.
  • Don’t sleep in closed rooms by running heater in winter.
  • While performing  worship rituals, always be cautious form incense sticks and lamps.
  • Always check expiry date of medicine at home.
  • Always be cautious on slippery floor in bathroom.
  • Don’t leave small children alone on road.
What are the 5 types of hazard?
  • Slippery  Floor
  • Unsafe Material Lifting
  • Poor Illumination
  • Improper Electrical Connection
  • Fire Hazard


Grinding/cutting work are usually done in maintenance activities. It is used for finishing. High speed wheel of cutting machine is used to cut material. There are some dangers such as electrocution, fire, breaking of cutting wheel, fall of flying metal chips in eyes and cutting of any part of the body. Following safety measures must be taken while doing grinding/cutting.

What safety precautions would you observe when using a grinder?

  • Wheel guard must be available in grinding and cutting.
  • Expiry date of grinding/cutting disc should be checked before use. Never use grinding/cutting disc with date expired.
  • Proper selection of disc should be done as per rpm specification of machine. Less rpm discs should not be used in high rpm machines. There is a possibility of rupture in disc.
  • Electrical connection of machine must be done through plug top. ELCB should be used for connection. Tripping sensitivity of ELCB is 30mA.
  • Experience person should do this job. Use of face-shield is necessary during work.
  • Cutting disc should properly be fixed in machine.
  • While doing cutting/grinding work job should be placed in correct position.
  • Cutting/grinding area should be barricaded. Fire blanket should be used. No combustible/flammable materials should be placed around that area.
  • Cutting/grinding machine must not be used in oil drum and barrel cutting.
  • Cable of cutting/grinding machine should be in proper condition without any joint. If any joints found, it should be covered with PVC insulated tape.
  • Earthing and dead man switch must be available in machine.
  • Grinding/cutting discs must be stored in dry place. It gets damaged in moisture condition.
  • Store grinding/cutting discs in proper condition to avoid any crack on disc due to fall.
  • Purchase discs from standard manufacturer offering good quality.
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