Precaution of Rain

      Increase of rainfall year after year is a good sign for cleaner environment. But we should prepare ourselves to make better drainage system in order to handle a large quantity of water in short span of time, which can cause Flooding. We all know that Flood can easily cause damages to roads, drain, building, plant & equipment. We can change our response and prevent Flooding.

     Consider these  main following points for the future course of action:

  • Drainage : Better drainage system can solve the water logging issue.
  • Vacuum Trucks:  These vacuum trucks can be used to pump and remove the rain water. It is used during rainy seasons.
  • Building: All roof should properly  be checked to find out the water leakage. Necessary repairs must be done to ensure full waterproofing.
  • Excavation : Excavation activities should be stopped during rainy season to prevent land slide. All those excavated trenches must be backfilled.
  • Storage: Any electric, electrical panel kept in outdoor area should be covered with tarpaulins & water proofing sheets.
  • Construction Materials: A raised pallet should be used to protect different types of construction materials.
  • Offices: Proper closing and locking of doors and windows must be done to protect files, documents and computers.
  • Door Mats : Doormats should be placed in front of doors to control lot of dirt and dust entering the office.
  • Electrical Equipment  : Remember to switch off and unplug all those electrical equipment to avoid any  damage due to thunderstorm.
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