It is safe to manipulate that everybody has heard of scaffolding accident. In most of the cases faulty design compromising quality and inadequate construction are the main reason .Improper use, poor maintenance, improper inspection cause scaffold accidents.


  • The scaffolds should be built as per proper safety standards.
  • Ensure proper inspection of scaffolds before making them ready for use, Checking of guardrails ,connectors, fastening, footing,tie-ins and bracing( “X” bracing)
  • Checking of inspection tags( Green or Red) before using is mandatory. If tagged green, it is ready for safe use. Red or no tag means unsafe for use.
  • Ensure keeping platforms closely boarded, fenced and properly fastened.
  • Don’t stockpile materials on scaffold to avoid fall of materials from height causing injury to workers working below it. Remove all materials at the end of the day.
  • Stop overloading scaffolds. Place the materials being used over ledger and bearer points to minimize loads on platform.
  • Never work on scaffolds during storms or high winds.
  • Protect the scaffolds. Never strike against the scaffolds with vehicles or materials and control hoisted materials from the ground with taglines.
  • Always keep the platforms and area around the scaffold cleared of waste materials such as debris, unwanted equipments, which can cause  a worker slip, trip or fall.
  • Use proper safety belt and tie off to a fixed support above 10 feet.

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